Porcelain veneers are an eggshell thickness of porcelain resurfacing that is bonded permanently to the face of individual front teeth. They can change the shape, color, length, or width of your teeth. While they are not suitable for every patient, veneers are the most aesthetic alternative for a variety of dental conditions involving the front teeth, including spaces between teeth, broken or chipped teeth, unsightly, stained, or crooked teeth.

One of the great advantages of veneers is that it is one of the more conservative restorative procedures available to the restorative dentist. This procedure usually takes only two visits. Veneers are as strong or stronger than natural teeth.


Dr. Sewitch will design the appropriate shape and arrangement of your veneers to match facial contour and skin tone. He customizes all of his cases to the individual. His in-house laboratory insures the finest quality and control available.