Restorative Dentistry

Not every patient requires cosmetic dentistry or full mouth rehabilitation. Restorative treatments are utilized to replace old fillings, broken teeth or missing teeth. Learn More ›

POLA Teeth Whitening

POLA in office whitening system is a revolutionary tooth whitening procedure. It is safe, effective, convenient, and very fast. Learn More ›

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are an eggshell thickness of porcelain resurfacing that is bonded permanently to the face of individual front teeth. They can change the appearance of your teeth. Learn More ›

Implant Restorations

In the past, patients who needed to restore a missing tooth or even an entire smile only had the option of a structurally incomplete tooth replacement, such as a conventional denture or a dental bridge. Learn More ›

Dental Hygiene

Good routine dental hygiene is at the heart of keeping your smile healthy and beautiful. Our practice provides a range of preventive dental services, including exams and prophylaxis (professional dental cleanings). Learn More ›


Invisalign orthodontic treatment is an easy, comfortable and timely way to effect tooth movement. Moderate crowding, spacing, and rotational disharmonies in the adult dentition can be corrected with this treatment. Learn More ›

Partial and Full Dentures

Not everyone is a candidate for or has the finances to afford implant placement followed by permanent fixed tooth restorations on the upper or lower teeth. For these patients, a removable partial or complete full denture is the treatment of choice. Learn More ›

Porcelain Onlay / Inlay

Silver fillings are no longer the restoration of choice for the 21st century. The lack of marginal integrity over time along with the debated issue of mercury toxicity with this material has led to the development of more modern techniques. Learn More ›