Good routine dental hygiene is at the heart of keeping your smile healthy and beautiful. When you hold oral bacteria to a minimum, you face a lower risk of conditions like gum disease and tooth decay, which can have devastating effects on your smile’s aesthetics, not to mention your oral health and overall well-being. The healthiest smiles are the result of a combination of a good home oral hygiene regimen and adequate professional dental care.

Our practice provides a range of preventive dental services, including exams and prophylaxis (professional dental cleanings). We recommended that patients come in at least every six months for these check-ups and cleanings. Getting dental care at such timely intervals allows Dr. Sewitch to identify any problems early, when they can be more conservatively treated.

These exams even monitor for more serious problems, like signs of oral cancer, so they truly can be life-saving for some patients!

Furthermore, a dental hygienist can clean your teeth more thoroughly than you can on your own, even with diligent brushing and flossing. Dental hygienists can use specialized instruments that give them better angles on the surfaces of your teeth that are hard to reach, such as the lingual (facing the inside of the mouth) areas along the gumline. Prophylaxis can help to remove any plaque and tartar that may have collected on your teeth despite daily brushing and flossing.

If Dr. Sewitch does detect an issue, such as a small cavity, he can provide treatment to remove the decayed material and prevent the decay from progressing. If a more extensive restoration, such as a crown, is indicated, we can craft those devices in our in-house lab, as well.

These routine appointments also give Dr. Sewitch and his staff the opportunity to check in with you on your home oral hygiene routine, which is just as important to oral health as the professional care you receive. The dental hygienists can review proper technique with you, as your tooth-brushing efforts may be largely ineffective if you’re not holding or angling your brush properly or not brushing for a long enough time.

Has it been longer than six months since your last dental exam and cleaning? If so, get back on track by calling our office to schedule a check-up at your earliest convenience.